“I have just recently started my personal training sessions with Jason, who gets to know you as an individual and works out the best fitness regime for you. He has worked me really hard in my sessions using muscles I never even knew I had! I am really happy with the results so far and look forward to having a happy and healthier lifestyle.”

C. Larkin (New Mum)

“I was due to get married in 5 weeks, and having never been to a gym in anger before I went to see Jason to see what he could do.  My first session was an interesting shock for my body whilst we found out what level of fitness I had.  Turned out I had none whatsoever!  However, Jason was able to create a program that took into account the fact that I was an absolute beginner and within 15 sessions and 5 weeks, he was able to make a noticable difference to my wellbeing, level of fitness and significant in-roads to a change in physique (which I though would have been impossible, given the raw material he had to work with!).  His approach is methodical, professional, tailored to your requirements and above all it’s relaxed and yet focussed.  It was easy to remain motivated with great results from a well thought out program.  Thoroughly recommended”

                                                                                  D Young (Architect)

“Jason helped me in my recovery from a severe illness. He took time and care to ensure we worked at a pace that suited my needs and coped with the ups and downs of a recovery period”

J McDonald (CDM Voluntary Action Lochaber)

“I enjoy working with Jason because (1) he knows what he’s talking about (2) he explains clearly each exercise, it’s impact and how it benefits me (3) he makes sure that each exercise is done correctly to ensure maximum benefit and, equally importantly, that it is done safely (4) he varies the exercise to avoid boredom while still hitting the right targets and (5) the sessions are enjoyable.  Like everyone else I have days when I can’t be bothered going to the gym because I’m tired, stressed etc.  However, Jason is able to motivate me and by the end of the session I’m always glad that I did go”

Dr A Crawford (Chief Executive)

“I started Personal Training with Jason after he corrected a few exercise mistakes I was making.  It’s quite obvious that he knows what he’s talking about, I suppose that comes from years of experience helping clients achieve better results”

A Taylor (Service Director)

“In reaching the results I wanted for myself I was impressed by Jason’s working knowledge of the anatomy and his explanations of the relationship between that and diet and exercise.  This lead to a tailor made programme specifically for my needs and I’m very grateful for that”

R Lawton (Staff Nurse)

“Jason is a skilful and knowledgeable trainer.  Training sessions are always fun – well not really! But always interesting, challenging and never boring.  At the end it’s ‘did I really do that?’. Over the time I’ve been seeing Jason there has been significant progress and change.  It’s been really worthwhile to be trained by him and I will continue to do so”

K Bell (Retired Teacher)