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Case Study : The Story of Douglas

Dec 19, 2011   //   by Jkennedy   //   Jasons Blog  //  No Comments

Douglas came to me for PT roughly 5 weeks before his wedding day.  Having no experience of the gym, other than remembering that he ran a few times (sometimes for the train, he joked) it was clear that we had a lot to do, and not a lot of time to do it in.  His first visit to the gym was not without incident as we unearthed a serious lack of fitness when warming up for his evaluation.  We agreed to try and fit in 3 sessions a week between then and the big day.

The initial lack of fitness meant we had to take the first few sessions at quite an easy pace but we were both conscious of the time and it wasn’t long before we had built up a head of steam and were performing at a level where results were starting to show.  Douglas showed a real commitment to his new regime and showed what sometimes looked like enthusiasm! LOL.  I remember asking if Cath (the future Mrs Douglas) had noticed any change in him?  And after some thought he said “yeh, she said my buns are tighter!”, a bye product of the lunges we’d been doing for his legs (well, it was going to be a Kilty wedding).

By the time we got to the last session before the wedding the difference in what Douglas was doing in the gym was quite amazing, not all down to me I have to add,  the boy done good, in terms of both attitude and effort.  On the big day I was delighted to see that his newly toned legs managed to hold him up while his beautiful bride walked down the isle, and his cardiovascular fitness had him on the dance floor as we left, taking sustenance only from the funny looking energy drink in the pint glass!


Case Study : The Story of Ronnie

Dec 19, 2011   //   by Jkennedy   //   Jasons Blog  //  No Comments

Ronnie started training with me to get the icing on the cake – the six pack.  Although he was already working hard on his own, running, going to circuits and eating all the right things, he found he needed that little bit more to get the abs he was looking for.  Like most people he was doing what he thought was right for this area but in actual fact he couldn’t have been more wrong.  You see, your abs are like any other muscle in the body and they respond best if you hit them hard twice a week and give them plenty of rest in between.  So armed with my knowledge and Ronnie’s determined spirit we set about making a difference.

Ok, so over the first week we had a couple of hurdles to get over, Ronnie had to change the way he thought about training his abs, and I had to get used to his sense of humour (not sure who had the tougher job here!).  By the end of week 2 we were starting to get to grips with the exercises required and he was performing them like a pro!  Week 4 is where the big breakthrough came, and it was nowhere near the gym.  While shopping for a new pair of jeans Ronnie had to ask the assistant to get him a smaller size, I always talk to people about a “just noticeable difference” and this was certainly his.  On his next session in the gym I’d heard all about the new jeans and he hadn’t even got through the warm up.

Ronnie continues to make great progress in the tummy region and we are now about to start work on the rest of the upper body.  Over the short time I have been training him, I have been impressed with both his attitude and his performance, I see no reason why we should not expect the same brilliant results in the next phase of his training.  I’ve even grown used to his sense of humour – well, almost!


Case Study : The Story of Alex

Dec 10, 2011   //   by Jkennedy   //   Jasons Blog  //  No Comments

I started personal training Alex some years ago. At that time he was doing what most people in the gym do, making out he knew what he was doing by copying the exercises that he saw other gym goers doing. When I approached him in an effort to correct his positioning while performing upright rows I was amazed to discover that he had been doing the same routine, with the same weights and repetitions for longer than he cared to remember. When I explained that the body adapts to exercise routines in 6 weeks it started to make sense that there had been no results seen for a while, I was surprised he had stuck with it for so long.

The first few weeks working together came as both a shock and a very steep learning curve for Alex, as we chopped and changed exercises and really concentrated on the most important part of using free weights – style. Concentrating on proper form and technique Alex started to come out with statements like “I can really feel that now” and “wow, is that where I should be feeling that”. Building his confidence in both the new exercises he was doing, and the old ones he was now doing correctly, it wasn’t long before I noticed our first break through, “are they doing that right?” I heard, and at that point I knew he understood the principles of training effectively.

Since those early days Alex continues to be shocked at the variety of exercises and routines that we have worked through, always different, which keeps it both interesting and challenging. He often refers back to having done the same thing for years and gets annoyed with himself for not doing something about it sooner. My answer to that is simple, “you’re doing something about it now” I say, “you could still be doing the same stuff and getting nowhere”.

I constantly tell clients they call it personal training because it is just that – personal, it’s all about one individual (in this case Alex), and their needs (even if only slightly) are always different to the next clients.

Case Study : The Story of Andy

Dec 7, 2011   //   by Jkennedy   //   Jasons Blog  //  No Comments

Andy works hard, in his working life, and in the gym. However, sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between working hard and working smart (again in work and the gym). A lack of exercise knowledge coupled with a lack of time meant that Andy was over training certain areas of the body. Almost immediately after I explained the principles of exercise to him the results started to show. Now, it should be said that Andy has been blessed with great genetics and that not everyone gets results like this in the space of a few weeks, but we can all get results if doing things right.

As I said earlier Andy works hard, and that’s the reason personal training works so well for him. If you don’t have the time to investigate all the different ideas, theories and principles of exercise then why not take advantage of the knowledge that your personal trainer has, after all, this is my job.

Being able to do all the exercises that he needs to do correctly, and in an allotted time, almost without having to think about it suits Andy down to the ground. The comments that he is attracting from friends and family about the changes they are seeing is more than enough motivation to keep him coming to the gym. Andy sees this investment as both value for money and excellent time management and like anyone in business will continue to do so while he keeps seeing results.

Case Study : The Story of Ken

Dec 3, 2011   //   by Jkennedy   //   Jasons Blog  //  No Comments

Ken came to me for personal training and had a very real fear of exercise, he also had a very good reason to be scared to do too much – he’d suffered a heart attack and had undergone a triple bypass operation. Although it had been 2 years since his operation he was still concerned about what, and how much to do in the gym.

Ken sought me out because he knew I had worked with Have a Heart Paisley, and had undertaken a qualification with the British Association of Cardiac Rehab, becoming a Phase IV Instructor, this gave him confidence that I would be able to help him in the gym. It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to know that exercising will be good for your heart but at the same time being scared that if you do too much you could have another attack. This meant our approach had to be well explained, disciplined, and thought through. It was as much about building confidence as it was about building muscle.

A few months after Ken and I started working together he took a holiday with his wife, armed with his fancy camera they took loads of pictures to remind them of it. On his return he brought in some of his pictures to show me. I knew what I was seeing but he was totally blown away, he looked years younger, stones lighter and there was a significant change in his posture. The funny thing is, although the change was massive, he was seeing it happen over time and couldn’t really see the dramatic change until the photographic evidence couldn’t be denied, I knew though.

Now Ken’s usual statement at the end of each session is “did I really do that?”, and I find myself constantly praising him for the effort he puts in, and comparing that effort to that of others in the gym and he just beems with satisfaction. The satisfaction I get is seeing him enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle both inside and outside the gym, more than a bit different to when we first met.

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